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Healthy Homes Check List

As homeowners, we have a lot to maintain. Sometimes it's nice to know what to maintain and when to maintain it! The National Center for Healthy Housing has made an awesome check list to help know when to clean out gutters, check the air filters and all those random maintenance items! Healthy Homes Checklist is a great document in PDF, just so you can print it easily! … [Read more...]

Check your Credit Score!

Most people don't notice or know when their credit is stolen and only find out when they go to purchase a home or a vehicle.  There are ways to protect yourself! Each year, you're entitled to a free copy of your credit report (not including your credit score) from each of the credit bureaus. It does not require a membership with a credit-monitoring service or any form of payment to receive this report. If a company takes adverse action against you involving credit, such as refusing to … [Read more...]

Utah home sales up again – 8th month in a row!!!

  The housing market is changing. Buyers are starting to feel it. The good homes with good pricing are moving fast and getting multiple offers. It is really different from the past few years.  It's also getting difficult for buyers to lowball sellers because the competition is there. The Utah Board of Realtors reported that January bucked trends.  Instead of the number of houses on the market going up, the number when down. It can actually become quite frustrating for buyers. … [Read more...]