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Outdoor Living Space

Summer is finally here and many homeowners are moving their entertainment outdoors. "Outdoor living" once referred to decks, patio furniture, pools and more. Now the term outdoor living refers to much more and can be broken down into basic elements: food, shelter, fire, water and sound. Depending on the budget, the projects can be simple or extravagant. Food is the most important element which is why outdoor kitchens should be the first piece added to the space. A recent study released by … [Read more...]

Staining and Glazing Project

Every time my mother in law comes over, she looks at the kitchen table and chairs and says "Kim, you know you can replace these at anytime. It won't hurt my feelings." (She gave us the kitchen set as a hand-me-down several years ago when she upgraded.) So it was obviously time to do something! And somthing I did!                               Awesome Before and After, … [Read more...]