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Prices of 10 Great Fantasy Homes

Did you ever want to know how much it would cost to buy Wayne Manor or Hogwarts? Maybe those wonderings are more prone to realtors, but msn did a great job spotlighting 10 neat fantasy homes! … [Read more...]

Hottest Color Trends!

I painted my house just over two years ago and now it is out of style!!!! When I painted it, brown and reds were hot. Those colors are now warm, but what are the new HOT colors? GRAYS!!!!  (Both interior and exterior) One of my personal favorite grays is Kwal Seattle. It's not blue or purple - it's just right. One of my clients did Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter 175% and it looked amazing! I should have taken a picture!     TEAL!!!   Teal is … [Read more...]

FHA Loan Limits

FHA is lowering it's loan limits, which may limit some buyer's borrowing power. FHA is great for those with a little bit lower credit score and is government backed, but costs a little more. However, it's still a good loan, especially if it's the only loan you qualify for. To see the limit for your county, click on the link below and be sure to change it to CY2014 on the calendar year! … [Read more...]