Kitchen Colors

Picking kitchen colors can be so much fun, but it can also be very stressful. Everyone second guesses what they pick: What if it doesn’t look good? What if it looks awesome? How do I know it will look great?

It is best to look at lots of kitchens to help choose the colors. So here is a good start to help you decide which kitchen colors are best for you!

How to Pick Kitchen Colors

1) Decide if you want wood finish or painted finish cabinets – wood is less expensive but painted is definitely trending right now.

2) What color appliances do you want? Stainless steel is the most popular right now and is followed by black.

3) What kind of lighting do you want? Can lighting in the kitchen is in style. Some people choose to add pendant lights as well. Do you want both?

4) What color plumbing, hardware and lighting match your style? Satin nickel is more contemporary right now and has been in style for quite awhile. Oil rubbed bronze gives a dark contrast and is very popular too.

5) Picking colors is easiest if you look at lots of pictures and kitchens (hopefully my pictures below will help).  As you look at more and more kitchen colors, you will start to see that you come back to the same colors. If those colors stand out to you, choose them.

6) Do you want to go trendy, neutral or traditional?  The cabinet style and paint may be in blue cabinets - contemporary kitchen colors style and hot right now but will it stay? Do you want to upgrade more quickly or have the same colors for a long period of time. For example, I love these blue cabinets, but I would never install them because I don’t want to replace or repaint them in the next couple of years.

Examples of Kitchen Colors

White and Bright:

Kitchen colors are white cabinets with white granite

The white granite on white cabinets is a fresh clean look – especially with the stainless steel appliances.  Check out the tile backsplash, which makes a great contrast to the white cabinets and countertops.

white cabinets and great kitchen colors

White cabinets also look great with gray granite countertops. The stainless steel appliances  match with the satin nickel hardware as well as the satin nickel plumbing.


White cabinets with black granite is a strikingly beautiful combination that makes great kitchen colors – especially with the gray walls.

Gray Cabinets

Gray cabinets make great kitchen colors

Gray is HOT right now! These gray kitchen cabinets have pretty white granite and gorgeous tile backsplash.  Obviously, stainless steel continues to be popular.

Beautiful Contrast


This dark brown color has many names – kodiak, espresso or simply dark brown. The granite is either venetian gold or gallo ornamental – both are quite popular.

kitchen colors are black and venetian gold

The black cabinets also contrast well with venetian gold or gallo ornamental countertops. Notice that in the top pictures, the cabinets make the entire island. The bottom picture has a pony wall on the backside of the island. It gives a completely different look.

Gray Lower Cabinets and White Upper Cabinets


This kitchen mixes the white cabinets and the gray cabinets and ties it together with white granite and oil rubbed bronze plumbing fixtures, hardware, and lighting. The medium tile backsplash helps tie it all together.

Creme Distressed Kitchen Colors

distressed kitchen colors

This kitchen has distressed tall kitchen cabinets and a pony wall around the island.

Colorful Cabinets


I have seen pretty colorful cabinets lately and they look amazing with the right kitchen color combination. This blue is a pretty shade and I have also seen a very pretty red – but missed the opportunity to take a picture.

Medium Cabinets with Light Granite

walnut cabinets - kitchen colors

The medium cabinets look great with the tile backsplash. The lighter countertops give contrast as well.

Finding the right kitchen colors for you can be a lot of fun! Don’t be afraid to be you and enjoy it!! 


  1. What is the actual color names for the lower gray and upper white cabinets? We love this look! What would a complimentary color for the wall? Our dining and kitchen are in the same room… The dining room wall has a chair rail… So a dual color in there…



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