Sell Your Home

I would love to sell your home!

Why should Kim Patterson help me?

There are several aspects that set me apart from other realtors!

1) Experience: If I sell 30 homes a year, it is a slow year for me. I am a real estate broker that enjoys selling real estate as my full time job. Because I do this full time, I know the pulse of the market and what is happening – even if it is subtle. I know what to look for as warning signs and what to do to avoid any potential problems so that the transaction is as smooth as possible!

2) Education: My masters thesis focused on negotiation. I love negotiation and getting the best deal possible for my clients. I know when to push for a better deal and when we have reached the best deal possible. Not only do I have a Master of Business Administration, but I have worked diligently to earn designations like Certified Distress Property Expert (CDPE), Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) and more.  I am also constantly continuing my education to keep up to date on issues and trends in the real estate market.

3) Services: I do many things that other realtors don’t. a) Videos – yes! they help sell the home! b) I track your home on the internet to see who is listing it and specifically to prevent any fraudulent advertising. c) Pictures – they are important! My undergrad focused on communication with an emphasis in journalism and broadcasting. I know what makes a good pictures and good pictures market your home! d) LISTINGS everywhere: I know how to market and we will get your home in front of as many people possible.

4) Honesty: One of the most difficult thing to do in my job is to tell someone something they don’t want to hear. However, if I don’t tell the truth, it is a disservice to my client and to me. I will tell you correct pricing, what needs to be done to sell the home, and feedback (good and bad!)

5) I love my job! What else can I say?


There are several fun things that you need to know and do before selling.

How much can I get for my home?

That’s the BIG question, right? I am happy to sit down with you and do a market analysis to review your home and the comparable sales and competition around you!

What are my fees related with selling my home?

There are several fees associated with selling your home: realtor commissions, title insurance, recording fees, home warranty and more. Many of these fees will vary with the sales price of your home. I always review these numbers with you when we do a market analysis.

What are some good tricks to help sell my home?

Turn on all lights when you have a showing – and open the windows! Buyers don’t like dark homes!

Staging matters! I have extensive experience and can instruct you on how to position your furniture as well as what pictures and items need to be moved and changed.

Find and ELIMINATE bad odors. It’s a must! Sometimes scentsy or candles are too much (and some people are allergic to the smells), but make sure the home smells wonderful!

Why should I use a Realtor?